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Gopro Allowed At 2 Day Camp / Miller?

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Attending two day camp at MMP next week. I have a GoPro HD securely mounted to my helmet. Is this permitted? Will I have time to put a spare battery on the charger, change memory cards real quick between sessions? I am a video learner, it helps me improve a lot.


Additionally, the hotels recommended in the PDF turned out to be more expensive than one would expect from Tooele, UT. Does anyone know whether you can camp at the track? (Camping to me consists of either reclining the seat in my rental car overnight, or laying a sleeping bag on top of the hood. I would only use their showers daily. I tried calling the track, but they took Friday off.



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Speaking of which,


Is the gopro also allowed at Streets of Willow?






Gopro, or other cameras: they are allowed, but here are the guidelines: on your bike, should be fine. On our bike, not so easy, the bike is used almost every session, so it can't take any time away from your training, taking it off, etc. That would apply to if you use it on your own bike too...some do strange things with the camera on (following friends, riding differently), and if it makes a dent in the training, that won't work--if we see that, then filming has to end.


You probably all know this already, just saying it!




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