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on making my through twot2 book im currently reading "rider input" and the process of headshake and it got me thinking of an incident i had last year on the ktm :


i had just came of a roundabout onto a staright bit of road and suddendly relised that my visor wasnt correctly clipped shut so i took my left hand of the bar to shut it correctly and i hit the mother of all pot holes in the road which sent the bike into the biggest "tankslap" ive ever had, that bad it snapped the right steering stop on the lower clamp and snapped the rebound "rod" inside the right fork leg".


it was that savage it actually threw my other hand of the bars ie, my throttle hand so technically there was no input at all by me into the bars and it pulled it,s self out of it but also that means the throttle was chopped.


what would you say got me out of that one ?

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