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My Improvements (Pics)


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hi guys just completed a trackday at silverstone thought i would post a link to a few pics to see if you guys could maybe pick up anything,


biggest thing of the day for me was getting used to "wideview" other than the obvious benefits it makes me soo much more relaxed,braking,turning,turn entry speed just felt so much more at ease it was like i wasnt really paying that much attention to it.

one thing i did notice is that i need to lift my rearsets as at there current position when im moving my body position over before turning they arent allowing me to fully lock into the tank (distance from peg to tank lock in is too long)


also discovered that by using set-up steer i didnt have to use the whole track width of "stowe" corner if i moved my turn point approx 1 bike length before where i was turning before i could turn approx 1-2 metres closer to the turn but still carry the line and exit speed ( i had to steer a tad quicker too)


cheers jim

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Hey Jim. Just a couple of things I noticed. Sorry it took so long. I'm studying suspension for a couple of months and only check in here occasionally.


Pic 1. What I've noticed is that you really have your right shoulder ahead of everything else. That could either mean your pic is giving that appearance (but it looks consistent on the other RIGHT TURN pics), or that your crossed up on the rights. Later, in the left, your shoulders look more even. If you are twisted on the bike, it could be that you're putting pressure on the bars.

I've been on an RC8, and love the shape and height of the tank, BUT you seem to have a BP like Leon Camier, where you don't really lay on the tank, but have your belly on the tank. Laying farther will allow for you to drop the center of gravity down and to the inside some. Laying on the tank, literally, will allow you to relax your arms better. One thing I'm going to work out when I'm done with suspension is some obvious benefits to leaning farther over. If I get around to doing it, it will include pics. Hope you're still on the site if/when I do it.

I'll get to it later, but pay attention to where your thigh is locked onto the tank in these right turn pics.


Pic 3. It's another example of your shoulder being very far ahead signaling that you might be crossed up putting pressure on the bars. Beating a dead horse, I know, but it's important not to have ANY pressure on the bars. I've found that you can gauge your arms being relaxed by your shoulders. Your shoulders are tense in the photos. Stand up and just let your shoulders fall. That's how they should be in a turn. Completely relaxed. I can also see that you've got your toes too far off the peg. By the looks of it, you'll drag your boot before your knee. Use your knee as the gauge, not your boot.


Pic 5. The pics I've skipped are redundant except for this one. This one I can't get to download.


Pic 6. I can't tell very well whether you're tucked on a fast turn, or if you're leaning off the bike. I'd guess that you're tucking into a fast turn, but in case you're off the bike, I'll tell you what I see.

Looking back to Pic 1, I mentioned you're thigh locked onto the tank. If you are off the bike here, you're showing an inconsistency in BP because this knee is locked onto the tank, not the thigh. You can successfully lock on with your thigh, there are plenty of pics, but if you can lock in your knee on the left, you should be doing the same on the right. Again, if you are tucked and not off the bike, it's a moot point. A rule of thumb (not a law) is that if you're shorter, you're going to be closer to the tank. If you're medium height, you want to be in the middle of the seat. I'm 6'2 and my butt is touching the back-rest. It gives you the best chance to lock in properly. If I'm up on the tank, it will be my thigh locked in and I wouldn't be very comfortable.

Whether you're tucked in a fast turn or off the bike in a turn, you're still not laying on the tank as much as you should. The whole thing about having your face where your rear view mirror should be is very simple and not thorough. It's more an estimate than accurate depiction of where you're at. If you have something firm to judge, you're going to be farther over and more consistent. I have my shoulder on the tank with the gas cap in a certain area. That way you can firmly judge where you're at on the bike. Find something that works for you and make it the same on both sides. Consistent.



Most of that is just small things. You can do just fine with what you have unless you're crossed up on the bike or if you start dragging your toes.

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Thanks for taking the time for such an informative reply buddy


I did feel like I couldn't lock in properly and I'm thinking my pegs were to low

As for the feet I have size 13 feet lol,for some reason I did feel quite tense that day and couldn't full relax

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Jason made some great observations. I wouldn't add much except to say that you appear to be having some of the same problems I had before I got a better grip on the pivot point. Once I had my knee planted and had my thigh locking onto the tank I could relax my upper body. I found more consistency in my BP and my steering became much more precise as I took pressure off the handlebars. Are you consciously trying to use the same pivot point for both sides?




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