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Willow Springs In September

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I am signed up for the 2-day camp at Willow Springs this September. What should I expect weather-wise? Extreme heat or not. Where I am 9the South) it is very hot still in September. I know that gear is provided, but is there anything at all that it is recommended that I bring myself? Anybody else signed up at that time?

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It can be pretty warm in Sept, that is true. It will be almost certainly dry, so that helps (and hurts, one dehydrates w/out knowing it in some cases).


The inner liners are very nice to have. We usually have some on hand either by RS Tachi, or Kushitani, well worth it, but you might want to get one in advance to be sure. We have all the gear, it might not fit you like your own, and if you have something that fits your perfectly, (gloves/boots/helmet?), some bring those.


That and drinking tons of water, taking electrolytes, eating and sleeping well--those are physical things to prep for. Studying wise, Twist 2 (book/and or DVD), but that's a bit off subject.


Hope this helps.




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