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Hi everyone.


Not sure I belong here as I have never taken one of the schools, but found the forum on line and it looked like and excellent board. I am new to the race track, though I have been riding for 34 years. I purchased a used Buell XB12 to use as a track bike and plan on beginning racing early this fall. I have been working on getting my lap times down and have taken our local school here and have not missed a track day since. I am in Eastern Canada and my local track is Atlantic Motorsports Park in Shubenacadie NS.


Don't have much to contribute but didn't want to be lurking unknown to the board.


All the best,



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Welcome Bill! If you want to improve you skills or help some one else improve their skills or just talk about riding then you belong here. You will probably notice quite a few of us recommending the school but fear not, we are not plants sent here to drive business to Keith! We are just firm beleivers in the school (I can tell you it transformed my riding). If you are interested I have written reviews on all 4 levels and would be happy to send you some links. I can also warn you that you will get a lot of advice to read Keiths books and watch the DVD. Again, all because we know this is quality information. Aside from the occasional hard sell from the more passionate among us (including me ;) , you will find quite a few knowledgeble members (including quite a few riding coaches from the school - they are truely helpful).


So jump right in and post up. As questons and offer opinions, let us know what you think. What was the name of the school you took? What did you think about it? And what areas of your riding do you want to on?


Again, welcome!



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