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Newbie Question

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I have always been interested in this school, i started looking at it back some years ago but may be now is the time or may be not.


Some info on me, i have a motorcycle license, had a harley for two years, recreationally ride dirt bikes, race a TAG 125cc kart, track days with my cars but never experiene the true performance of a bike in the track. So some oquestions for everyone:


Is 38 to old?

Is it safer than on the street? I want to enjoy the bike and learn how to ride but i have to go back to work the next day. Im not looking to become the next spiess or stoner, just enjoy and learn.

The safety equipment i can rent is it in good shape, id rather not buy anything until i know its something i want to do.

The big what if, how much out of pocket expense if the school bike gets hurt.


Im in ny, i may try to do the nj school in sept but i have some commitments already, if not i would wait till next spring.



What other good track day orgs are out there in the ny metro area.


Thank you for your time



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Oh, you should do a school, you'll love it. 38 is absolutely not too old, not even close, no way. When I first came to a school I was surprised to see that half or more of the attendees were over 40, it's definitely NOT a bunch of 18 year old racers. You'll fit right in and you'll have a blast. If you have go-kart experience you'll probably have more track experience than most people there.


Yes, it's a very safe environment - no one can say that motorcycle riding is perfectly safe, but the Superbike School is by FAR the safest riding venue I've seen. Course control is tight and totally safety oriented. It is certainly MUCH safer than riding on the road, and in my experience CSS is also much safer than other schools and track days. They have many years of experience and the best safety record in the business.


Most importantly, the things you learn at CSS about controlling a motorcycle will make YOU a much safer rider, wherever you ride.


The safety gear is good stuff, they'll get you set up with good gear.


I'm like you, I'm not a kid and I have to go to work monday morning, I want to have fun and I don't want to get hurt, and as far as I am concerned, it just doesn't get any better than the California Superbike School for fun, safety, good equipment and awesome bikes - let alone the improvements you'll see in your riding. You should go. :)

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For what it's worth, I have to agree with Hotfoot. I've been through six days with CSS and probably as many with other trackday organizations, and at CSS my safety was NEVER a question in my mind. Unfortunately, I cannot say that about any other trackdays Ive been to. Certainly night and day.


BTW, after 25 years on bikes, my first trackday was at age 42. Not as flexible as I used to be, but I don't know why I waited so long. Sign up and never look back.



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I have to second everything Hotfoot and Sean G said. I did my first school at 41 and did my second level 4 yesterday at 43. I wish I hadn't waited so long. Here are a few links to detailed reviews I wrote on my CSS classes:


Level 1 (one day)


Level 2 (one day)


Levels 3 & 4 (two day camp)


Hopefully these will give you some insight into what the school is like for a middle ager looking to improve his skills (and actually develop some he never knew he needed :P ) . If you have any questions fel free to PM me anytime.


Ride safe,


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