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Which Gear For Each Corner?


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Problem : I'm riding a CBR600rr for at least a year. Recently, i've turn alittle aggressive to drop mine lap times after attending school in Australia for lesson 1. But i still don't understand how to maximize the power of the bike. At lease for a 600rr (high rev bike) the rpm needle has to be kept within the mid range(mine rpm 7K) in order for power. But after speaking to the local guys, i pretty much found out that the their needle is kept above 10k rpm at lease for the power and drive out of the corners. i've tried keeping the needle at 10k, but end up locking the rear wheel when the gears drop further and that breaks the rule of getting the bike stable. i've tried blipping the throttle but guess that wasn't enough to match the ground speed.


Just to hear your critis and advice on how do we maximize the power of the bike to get better drive out of the corner?

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If you get the throttle blip right you shouldn't have any issue with a smooth transition to the next gear, even if its down to 1st.


There are some easy mistakes to make while downshifting. Two that I make sometimes would be not blipping the throttle hard enough so the rpms are to low when I let the clutch out, and letting the clutch out to soon before the rpms actually make it to my intended point. If the rpms don't match what the next gear needs them to be in for your given speed than its going to be a rough downshift.


Maybe you should learn clutchless shifting? I've taken a liking to clutchless shifting and it does feel smoother for me. If its a track bike you could look into getting an aftermarket slipper clutch but thats sort of putting a band aid on the problem.

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Putting a slipper clutch on a CBR600rr is not really a cost effective upgrade and it is a terrific trackday bike, so I wouldn't ditch the bike or pay to have the upgrade. I generally run my Daytona 675 in 2nd gear, around 10-12k rpm through technical portions and then upshift to 3rd for sweepers that open up to straights. Straights I go clutchless usually through 4th (maybe 5th depending on the track - Homestead has a HUGE front and back straight). On the way down blipping the throttle helps, but I've had the back end hop and slide as well - mostly it's just mental, if it doesn't rattle your game it won't rattle the bike that much either . . let it slide or hop, then correct itself and then tip it in. One of the things that I chuckled at in my Level I class was "what kind of rider would your bike choose" and the answer was something like "one that wouldn't fight me all the time." I try to keep my RPM around 8k going into a corner (again, on a 600cc bike) and then be rolling on from there. If the bike is hopping on you at 8k then maybe you're using your engine to stop you instead of your brakes.


Really if you master the SR that says "Oh NO, I'm slipping" the rest isn't that big a deal. Sliding on your way in OR your way out is only as big a problem as it is in your head, assuming it's controlled of course.

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[Fajita] Dave isn't just another pretty face. Keep working on blipping and it will become a non-issue.


My power kicks in at 9 grand, so I make sure it's up there. I don't have a set gear for the type of corner. I go by the up/down method. When I think about it, I can recall what gear I'm in for what corner. For the most part I know that unless I'm on one of the two straights at Inde that I'm going to be in second all the way around. Auto Club Speedway is a different story. I know I enter in 3rd, then, for example, it's up 1, down 2, up 2, down 2, up 1, down 1, up 2, down 2, up 1, up 2, down 3, repeat. Every track has its own key for me. I blow track maps up and write all the info on them and save it for reference when I go back there.


Whichever way you decide to figure out how you work your gears, blipping will be the biggest solution to your current dilemma.

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