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Anybody Racing On Pirelli Suberbike Pro's?

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I run the Diablo Supercorsa SC2's front and rear on my trackbike and I love them. I find them to be a very forgiving tire that gives LOTS of warning before they break traction completely. You'll feel the back end slip in a very controllable way before all hell breaks loose. I've been a fan of Pirelli's for a while, mostly because they are consistent and predictable in how and where they slide. That's just me though.

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+1 on PoppaNoDoz recommendation of the Diablo Supercorsa's. However, they are different from the Superbike Pro's as I read the Pirelli material: the Diablo Supercorsa SC's are their top-line material.

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Any input?




In the USA, Specifically in the Eastern USA. I do not see anyone using these and winning everything.


The Dunlop N-Tec slicks are the most popular. They currently come in a USA version that is made on the new N-Tec machines in the US facility in Buffalo NY.


The BEI team has won EVERY WERA ENDURANCE RACE THIS YEAR using the USA KR449 N-Tec slick.


You can read about it here: http://dunlopracing.com/new-dunlop-racing-slick-made-winning-debut-during-wera-national-at-roebling-road/

That article was from April 2011. The BEI team went on to win EVERY race this year with only 1 race remaining in October at the GNF.


You can order this tire here: http://stores.racetireservice.com/-strse-14/REAR-KR108-KR449-SLICK/Detail.bok

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