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Streets Oct Dates: 6-7 & 8-9

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Been a while since I've done a shameless plug, so here we go:


October at Willow Springs is about as good a chance as one can get for good/perfect weather.


If you like a technical/demanding track, and getting tons of laps on it, Streets is not beatable. Here is one thing that not many realize: look up the map for Streets you will find about as challenging piece of track as exists in the US (maybe anywhere?). Specifically from turn 1-8, there isn't a more relentless stretch of asphalt on a US track, at least not one we have been on, and we have been to many.




There are some spots open for those Oct dates, Whitney might even cut you a deal, but don't tell her I said that--you heard it from a birde, or how about,"I read it online", that's a good one. Whitney@superbikeschool.com




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