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Barber's In September 2005

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I'll be doing the Level 1 class at Barber's on a Saturday, 09/03/05.


Will be riding my '02 1150RT up from Tampa, Fl on Thursday, leaving around 10am and getting to the Holiday Inn Express near the track hopefully around 8-9pm that evening. Plan on Friday is to tour the Barber Motorsports Museum and do other touristy type things. Probably also ride some of the local roads if I can find some good ones, but in general take it easy in anticipation of School Day on Saturday. Sunday I'll probably hit the local roads again in search of some nice twisties and/or scenery. Monday morning I'll ride back to Tampa.


Who all else is going, or thinks they will be? I'm really looking forward to this :)


BTW, does the school have any maps that show good roads to try in the area? Maybe even routes? I can use my GPS & MapSource, but as we all know can't tell if a road is even paved, lol. Be nice to have some local knowledge on my side.


--Hewhois Chris

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I will be attending Level 1 on Saturday as well. I am wait listed for Level 2 on Sunday. I am renting a Ninja to try it out in a track environment (I will be riding my own bike on Barber's track later that month with my riding club).


I am a local and happy to show you some great roads if you wish. I probably can get away from my job early on Friday (around lunch time). There are a number of great rides very close to the track. 29Dreams (see web site) is a great hangout, and any of the folks there can point out some super rides in the area.


When we get closer to September send me an E-mail and we can coordinate some Friday riding (others welcome to join if you are available).

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