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Scott Redding

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What he said, pre the 2010 season:


(On riding the Moto2) I'm having to change my riding style to go faster. I'm braking later and harder, reducing lean angle and trailing the rear brake on exit to load the rear end - all different stuff. Whereas on a 125 when the tyres started to move, you back off. On the Suter Moto2 machine, when the Dunlops start sliding you have to go harder in order for them to grip.


Found it interesting.

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Good stuff Eirik. I also like hearing from riders and the insights into how they find more speed. Things like trail braking on the exit are so foreign to me at my level as to be another language but it is facinating to read about it.



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We study the telemetry for turn 4 at Barcelona, a medium speed right-hander. Both rider and driver brake deep into the corner. “I trail brake to the apex of the corner, then I’ll apply the power,” says Hayden.


By contrast, Button uses the car’s natural oversteer to initiate the turn. “Normally you get a bit of oversteer [rear-end slip] on turn-in,” he says. “Then you balance the car using the throttle and the brakes at the same time.”



Read it all here, another interesting article that gives a little insight in how hard it is to be the best http://www.f1complete.com/content/view/4638/389/

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