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Pivot Steer

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hello all

did another level 4 refresh at silverstone last month . working with spidey (great coach , thanks mate) after knocking the rust off my old bad habits later in the day he reminded me of the pivot steer drill - i must admit to having dropped the ball on this previously .

anyway once got going on it it was a real help real confidence booster .

i just came back from a track day at cadwell park and incorporated this into my day of things to try and got to using it all day , what a result it felt a lot more confidence inspiring .

i also now understand how it allows the bike to move underneath you (thanks glen), as well as leaving the hands nice and loose , like through chris curve , great...

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Glad you had a good day and got such a positive out of it :)



Being fluent in the 15 Drills and knowing where to apply which Drill (or Drills) in each corner is the key to confidence.



Anyone else 'forgotten' any of the Drills or are there any that you just don't use?

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times coming back down at cadders not yet quite back to mid 44,s though but confidence restored . i wish there was a months more summer !

you were working hard at silverstone for us mate on and off the track , its not underestimated , thanks :)


that knee to knee reminder also really helped making sure that i pull myself fully over the bike with the locked on (outside)knee before the inside 1 touches the tank , a fine point but didn,t even know i was doing it ! - gooseneck and hall bends much improved with this and the pivot



- i really must update my avatar !

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