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2-Day Camp Or 1 Level At A Time?

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I've never done a session with CSBS (or with any school). Is a 2 day camp too much for a first-timer or is it the preferred route? I have only 10 years/25K miles of street riding experience and have only done one local trackday.


When renting the BMW superbike, is the policy: you crash, you bought it?



Thanks in advance,


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Hi Gordon -


I forget the policy re: crashing a school bike, but I don't think it is "you break it, you buy it"; I think you are liable up to a certain amount.


As for the 2 day camp, it is absolutely NOT too much for a first timer. My first experience with CSS was the 2 day camp (Levels I and II) and the classroom / on-track / private coaching sessions are purposefully structured to NOT overwhelm you. Each skill is reviewed in depth, and each one builds off the previous one learned. IMHO, it is absolutely the way to go. It was a fantastic experience for me and the riding improvements I made each day were significant.


If you can afford it, I highly recommend it B) .



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Hi Zoo,


I did several days this season (including a two day camp) and at registration you would give them a credit card authorization for $1250 which was to be used for repairs if you damaged the bike (this was your max out of pocket) I'm not sure if that will change for next year but if it does I'm sure it will be reasonable. And another thing, everyone is there to learn so there is absolutely no pressure to ride over your head. With the riding you have done you will be fine. They only ask that you be very familiar with operation of the motorcycle (i,e, you don't have to think about how to shift, brake, etc) and comfortable at high highway speeds (80+).


As for the two day vs the one day I would say the two day is not "too much" (except maybe physically tongue.gif, its a lot of track time but I managed so you should be fine) and even if you went with the one day format I would recommend doing two of them back to back if you can. The extra day really helps the lessons sink in. Plus its so much fun you will kick yourself for not booking the second day. Again I'm speaking from my experience - I came home from level 1 and called Whitney the next day to book level 2 but I had to wait 3 months until they were back in the Old Dominion!


The real difference between the two formats is less students, lower student to coach ratio, and more track time in the two day camp (and the fewer number of students gives it more of a "experience" feel, if that makes sense). That said it is more money for the same material so the education doesn't suffer if you go the 1 day route.


I wrote some reviews of my experiences, here are links in case this might help you. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions. Good luck getting to a school day or two next year. You wont regret it.


Level 1 ( 1 day)

Level 2 ( 1 day)

Levels 3 & 4 (2 day camp)






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