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Keeping In Shape In The Great North

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Green Knight,


I would focus more on leg and abdominal workouts since these are the muscles you use the most on a motorcycle. Lunges, jogging, or bicycling. In fact most of the school staff are avid runners or bicyclers. The Bowflex is also an awesome tool to use to get in shape for riding season.



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Recumbent bike, Excercise equipment (looking at some more today) and RIDING... I went out again yesterday and I'm so sore I can barely move today... Ice racing on GOOD tires with a strong 4 stroke is extremely close to being on pavement with an inline 4 600...



hehe... here's where I crashed. That cloud of snow would be from me... 8)


I'm 2nd from the left.



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So after much ado, I came home with the body solid GS-3


(buff dude not included)




I've been assembling for 2 hours now. Probably about 1/3 of the way there. But taking my time and for the first time in our 15 year marriage, we're doing this together without fighting :D How you may ask?!?! Simple. I'm following her *every* direction...


We looked heavily into the bowflex, but after using two of them, I didn't like the style of the resistance. The bows seemed to shake as you use them. Plus, the time between exercises is FAR greater than a decent plate gym.


In the end, it came down to the types of exercises, speed of change between them and a complete lifetime warranty on *everything*... Definitely not the cheapest on the market, but I'd say it's a good solid middle of the road gym...

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