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Two-Day Camps

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Just so I have this right, the two-day camps take you through 2 levels of the curriculum? It's not like you can cover all 4 levels of the curriculum in two days, right?





Right. If you are a first time student, and you do a 2-day camp, you will be taking Level 1 the first day and Level 2 the second day. The curriculum is the same as if you did two single-day schools, but you get more track time at the 2 day camps and the student/coach ratio is lower.

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Hi Gordon,


I've taken both formats and written reviews on them. Here are the links if you are interested in a student's opinion:


Level 1 (1 day)


Level 2 (1 day)


Levels 3 & 4 (2 day)


Level 1 was my first ever track day and now I'm blindingly fast (at least as far as my non-riding friends can tell - anyone can look quick in a picture :P ).




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