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No Turning Back Now....

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Good evening, all. I originally joined the forum (almost exact same name...had to alter it as I couldn't remember my orig password) a couple of years ago when I was first getting into this hobby/ sport...before I even had my first bike. I always knew I'd eventually enroll in a superbike school (be it CSS, YCRS, etc) with a set curriculum, I just wasn't sure when.


Fast forwarding to now I have put in a couple of seasons (though in MN it equates to only 1 full year of riding experience) spread over a few different bikes with a little bit of closed course/ track instruction. I only covered about 1,100 miles & 2 ARCs on an '09 Ninja 250R before a tractor vs motorcycle street accident almost erased me....from both motorcycling and life...in August of '10.


Took the rest of my first riding season off, re-read all of the books I had purchased prior to first learning how to ride, and came back last year on an '08 GSX-R600. Put in about 3,100 miles, an ARC, and TrackSchool1 (thru our trackday organization) at BIR before trading up to my current bike. Now am on an '08 848 with only one ARC on it when it was near-stock (as a radiator leak kept me from doing my first true trackday on it).


Anywho, I am registered for Levels 1 & 2 @ Infineon Raceway on 4/2-4/3! Consent & Release forms are on the way back to you, and flight/hotel/rental car were all booked yesterday. :)


VERY anxious to continue building a strong base skillset, because as a (what I still consider myself) newer rider, I feel the sooner I get proper education as to what I'm supposed to be doing on a bike....the quicker and more skilled I'll become in a shorter amount of time. I should be able to put what is learned at CSS to good practice, as our track season kicks off at Road America on May 28th, then BIR on June 9, July 21-22, and Labor Day in Sept (which is the one I was forced to sit out last season). I just hope that riding the gifted S1000RR at school doesn't cause distain for the Ducati...."Oh yeah, you don't have any of those nice things like a slipper clutch, traction control, or mode select....*sigh*", lol.


Figure I'll include a shot of me at my one & only true trackday on the former bike. 6/26/11 @ BIR on my GSX-R: coming out of T13 on the Competition Course.



See you all in April!



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Welcome back Christian, glad to hear the accident wasn't the final page in your story! You sound like you have the right attitude and that will pay huge dividends when you get to the school. I know it's the best money I've spent on motorcycling period.


As for that S1000RR, it is a joy to ride but Ducati know how to build a bike as well. I've always wanted to become a Ducatista myself, if for no other reason than the mystique :P. Which Duc do you have?

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Yep, after debating between schools, 2-day camp vs back-2-back, which track, etc...I was originally only going to do Level 1. But then realized I would have severely regretted not doing back-to-back levels since the opportunity was there. I didn't want to feel like I was rushing or "cramming" to digest all of the information, so I figured 2 days would be the ticket.


Thanks! I am suprised the accident didn't scare me away, but motorcycling is honestly the most rewarding thing I've ever done. And it seems to be one of the few things that no matter how good you get, it never is completely "mastered". A true skill to endlessly improve at. :-)


I'm currently on an '08 848. It has been an adjustment compared to how confident I was getting on themselves GSX-R. Hoping CSS (and putting that knowledge to use) and the first couple of trackdays of the season will get rid of the unsuredness (if that even is a word...).


Here are a couple of pics. The on-track shot is at DCTC (a short technical road course- 17 turns within the length of a mile...so you are ALWAYS working as it has a very brief straight to kind of relax) about a week or so after I first got the bike. Wasn't feeling confident AT ALL. Probably was a complete mix of: being brand new to the bike & not being really familiar with the differences between a twin and I4, OEM suspension not setup, Techspec tankpads that were peeling off, etc.







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