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Corner A 1000 Vs 600


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Hi All


I have been racing a 600 (R6) for the past 2 years, now I am moving up to a 1000 (new ZX10). Question is what techniques should i work on to convert from one bike to the other.


At the moment i am riding the zx10 like a 600, so carrying quite a bit of corner speed, so increased lean angle. The down side to this is that I am waiting to be able to increase throttle until i have the bike stood up more, so therefore sacrificing exit speed. When i try to increase throttle as you'd imagine with increased lean angle the rear is sliding more than it should due to being on the edge of the tyre.


Any more handy tips or things to work on to speed up the conversion?


(should add i've done up to lvl3, but was a while ago!)


Thanks Colin

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Deffo the pick-up drill (end of L2), but I think you need to look more at changing your lines to allow you to use more power, even though the corner speed is going to be a bit lower. The product (as Keith says) is a faster lap time. I've ridden few really big bikes though so someone else will have to give you more detail!

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Change your line a bit. You are correct. All that available power and you can't use it. I hate it when that happens. Two letters of the alphabet come to mind here, U and V. The U is a 600 and the V is a 1000. On a long left hand sweeper, I might try to go in a little deeper and take a line for the middle of the track on a double apex or drive straighter into a decreasing radius turn so I can get a straighter exit. I was at a race track about three weeks ago and had an AMA rider tell me I was really quick but was leaned over to long in the corners. I needed to drive into the corner farther and pick up the bike sooner. I was able to get behind a rider on a Ducati 1198 who was wheeling out of the corners and followed his line. It is apparent that the lines are definitely different for the two bikes.

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