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Fabian Foret

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I watched the race from Phillip Island yesterday and noticed that Foret sits up a lot higher with his torso under braking than his competition. Also, he leans his torso towards the outside of the corner more often than not. Looking at pictures of him, he doesn't always do this. In fact, he seemed to do it more in yesterday's race than typical for him, although I must say I haven't paid close attention before.


What I found interesting was that Foret could brake noticeably later and turn in much tighter and quicker than the competition. Could this be down to his riding position, or are the other things to look for?


Not the best picture - he was often more upright and leaning outward more pronounced in the race on Sunday - but you can still see that he doesn't exactly kiss the inside mirror.



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as for the setup IMHO...


he could have tuned his bike to have abit more of oversteer , hence when he is in "the wrong direction" hanging off (understeer),


it MAYBE is actually more near ideal for both rider and machine than we think it is.




it'll make a lot of sense if hes a light racer (i have no idea how heavy he is)

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If you have access to watching the world supersport series, you should be able to see the bloke hanging out even as he's turning in. The amount vary a lot from corner to corner, but he was generally more upright and hanging off less than the competition and usually the one to brake the deepest. At least during the PI race - and filtered through my eyes ;)

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He's still tense and more upright because of trailbraking. They're still tense on the bars, and their turning action is a lot longer than what CSS teaches with the quick turning and what-not. Stoner does the same thing. Foret gets a LITTLE lower than in your pic, and again you can see this on Stoner, because he's still giving the turning input. It's a process. I'd wager his age and injury is why he can't get as low as the younger riders.


He doesn't cross up in single corners , he digs in pretty good, but some of the pros don't commit their bodies if they're doing a transitional turn. I'll try to find the Bostrom video, but you can see it clearly that if he's doing a quick transition he doesn't commit his upper torso into the turn. I'll post it if I find it.

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1331767369[/url]' post='26480']

Even if it's wrong according to the book, Foret still win races and almost won at PI after pulling back a massive amount of time and distance on the last lap ;)


He's good. He's one of the riders I root for in WSS.

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