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Just A Quick Thank You!

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I want to express my sincerest thanks to the entire CSS team for quite the learning experience. Finished up Levels 1 & 2 yesterday at Infineon, after not being on a track in almost a full year. Thanks to Dylan and Pete for the very insightful cornering theory seminars that seamlessly flowed from the previous session into what the focus was for the following ones. My off-track coaches, Brian (Steering Bike) and Joe (Lean Bike), as I saw first hand they continue to work with students until they "get it" and are confident enough to give the techniques a try on the track. My on-track coach, Gerry, whom I was fortunate to have work with me both days. Hell of a rider, and an even better coach that somehow had 4 positives for everything I thought I did wrong/needed improvement on (any chance at coming up to BIR or RA? Lol). And the "track mom", Crystal. Kept us straight, and in the know on where to go and keeping food & liquids available for us. Absolutely no clue how her voice wasn't gone halfway thru each day, lol.


So many AH HA!s that I thought I already knew from books & watching dvds..but can only be truly be absorbed by putting it to practice. Vision drills were HUGE for me. Couple of tweaks in bp have me lower and further inside. And that bike!!! So smooth. :-)


Anxious to get to work on the skills covered at school and HOPEFULLY transfer from the school fleet S1000RR to my own 848. First TD is with the local Ducati dealer @ Brainerd on 5/11. Then off to Road America with my normal trackday organization on 5/28, followed by BIR dates on 6/9, 7/22-23, and 9/3. Hope to either wrap the season up with Level 3, or start next season with a 2-day camp for 3 & 4.


Again, thanks to the team and I look forward to seeing you all in the near future for more riding enlightenment.





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Hi Christian,


Really glad to see that, and I will forward to the gang!




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