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Chicken Strips

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Please, I don´t understand why in all my tires that I use in my ZX10R there are no Chicken strips in rear tire but there are a 1 cm chicken srips in each side of the front tire when I take tha road?

Is that the wrong pressure that I am using, wrong suspension setup or wrong position on the motorcycle?

This road that I ride in the weekend is a high speed road with hight speed turns, but the "end" of the front tire never touch the paviment. I always use only the stock tires and the rght tire to my motorcycle (120/70 -17 Diablo Rosso Corsa and 190/55 - 17 Diablo Rosso Corsa)

Pressure I use 30f - 30r and sometimes 32f-34r.


Thank You to help me.

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Most front tyres today are made to provide a solid patch of rubber against the road, well beyond where the rear tyres start to run off the edge. My guess is that it's a safety issue, that you want the rear to start sliding before the front. Anyway, it's very normal to have chicken strips left on the front and none at the rear.

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My question is because I have a friend with no chicken strips in front tire. Is it because he slides the rear constantly making the front tire to touch the edge?

Thank You very much, Erick.


In track use, is it commom to have chicken strips in front too?

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Do your friend have the same tyres and the same sort of bike? If, for instance, you run a 6in rear rim and he runs a 5.5 in rear rim, his rear tyre will be shaped so that he can lean a little further before he reach the edge. Also, different tyres have different profiles. On my Triumph, for instance, the Bridgestone BT001 front had wide chicken strips when the rear BT014 was worn to its edges. I then fitted a Pirelli Diablo Strada, and it was virtually perfectly matched to the front Bridgestone. Still, since tyres deform under pressure, you have plenty of lean and grip left even at the point where your tyre gets rid of its chicken strips. Finally, tyre pressure and riding style as well as bike geometry also play roles in how the tyres wear.


All this said, chicken strips doesn't matter - your speed does. There are plenty of riders with solid chicken strips that are faster than riders with no chicken strips.

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Erick, there is the answer! He has a GSX750srad with Diablo Supercorsa and I have a ZX10R with Diablo Rosso Corsa!

I hang off of the bike more them him and drag the Knee keeping the chicken strips. He lay the bike more than Hang off of the bike.

Now I have the answer!

Thank You very much, Erick!


Luiz Direito

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