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What kind of condition is the Reno Fernley track in, and what it's it like to ride on. Any elevation? Do they keep it up? How are the hotels in Fernley?


I wanted to go to the Napa school this summer, but for only one day, it's not worth the hassle with air-fare etc.


I like to try a different track when I do the Code schools, and was curious about Fernley. I hope it's not as run down as Reno!



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The track is essentially brand new. There are very few improvements at the track. There's a large MX track and a dirt oval on location as well. You are at about 4200' elevation, so expect a reduction in power.


Fernley is a little town and you are in Nevada, which is genuine old west. It ain't California. People are friendly, but pretty conservative for the most part. You might find a latte, however a good steak is far easier to find.


There's a few budget hotels in the area. Fernley's about 10 minutes north of the track, Reno about 1/2 hour west. I'll be bringing my motorhome so I don't have to pack. If you're attending the May 2-day event, I'll see you there. If you like steak, I'll share that too.


My biggest concern about the school right now is weather. We had several inches of snow yesterday and the school is in about 3 weeks. Rain is a challenge to ride in, snow is altogether different...trust me.


You can see an aerial photo of the track here:



See you there.

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