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Hello From Rodos-Greece

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Hello, I'm Manos from Rodos island in Greece. I'm 35 years old and I am a level 4 CSS graduate. I track ride a 2009 Honda CBR1000RR(race fairing, exhaust, Tractin control, suspension, etc) and do some MX with a 2005 Honda CRF250 and ride everyday on a 2006 Honda VFR800. Just started club racing so this forum is really great giving a lot of info and inspiration!

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Manos - how are the twisties over there? I haven't made it to level 4 yet (just finished level 1), but I'm a Honda guy myself (started on a '95 VFR 750 - then went to an '07 RWB 25th Anniv Edition VFR800, later purchased an '04 GSXR600RR from my son-in-law. I eventually sold the GSXR and the VFR and a 2012 CBR1KRR (also RWB color scheme - although much more white) serves as my trusty steed. Initially I wondered if I was going to miss the ol' VFR, but I have had the CBR for several months now and I can honestly say that I haven't missed the 'ol VFR at all... it was a great bike, but the CBR is right up my alley! Nice to meet you. :P

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Welcome to the forum Manos! Wasn't Rodos the home of the Colossus? Or am I mixing up my ancient Greek history?


So where did you do your CSS training? And where are you club racing? If you get a chance you should post up a few pix of your local track.


Good luck with the club racing and don't be shy, the forum loves new members!




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