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Reno Fernley 2-day School

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I live about an hour away from this track and we had a touch of snow yesterday. While ice racing looks like fun, I was hoping to stick to the asphalt :)


As a heads up to anyone else attending, you may want to bring along some layers of clothing. It tends to be seriously cold in the morning and by noon you're looking for the A/C. Welcome to Nevada. It also gets a tad windy, but that just adds to the excitement.


Drink LOTS of water. It's dry here and you don't notice the sweat. The track is nearly new and in pretty good shape by all reports. It's long and fast. You are at 4,200' so expect a little power drop.


Reno's a little less than an hour away and there's a few hotels in Fernley too. Quiet little town that rolls up the sidewalks early.


Questions for CSS staff: I know you supply evrything in the 2-day school, but can I use my own helmet & leathers (1-piece racing type) ?


Also, I have a possible late registrant, a local judge...any slots still available?


See you there

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Well, we may be working on our wet-track riding skills...


At least it's going to be warm enough for rain and not the white stuff (which was falling this morning at 7,000')


Really looking forward to the class...rain or shine!





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