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Idiotic Luck Part 2

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I wrote:


So I suit up, get on the bike (which I have never ridden before) ride down the road. Get her warmed up, get the pads bedded in, brakes are fine, everything seems good to go. This is a rural area, with no cops or traffic, so I get on the gas and hit 120 or so. Suddenly there's this strange vibration from the front tire. I ease off the throttle and touch the front brake lightly at about 30 MPH. The first sensation I get is that the front tire really has great grip, because the bike slows down really quick. Then the front end goes all mushy!


Flat tire! Brand new, and completely flat! The front valve stem is gone! Any guesses as to what just happened?





  1. Brand new tires, brand new valve stems, correct pressure.
  2. I did not mount the tires or supply the tires or the valve stems. Cycle Gear did.



After i got the bike back to the shop, I found the valve stem, intact. Core still in it.


Groucho promises a big fat cuban cigar to the first guy who correctly identifies where I found the valve stem.







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Inside the tyre. The valve wasn't pulled through (rubber type) or the lock nut was missing (metal stem) and the centrifugal forces of the fast spinning tyre overcame the air pressure holding valve in place.


BINGO ! Where do send the cigar to???

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You found it inside the front tire. smile.gif


BINGO ! Where do send the cigar to???

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