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Hi Everyone

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I don't know what I can say, I'm French and I bought the DVDs there are 2 years ago and the technique explained on the books and DVDs gave me 3s on the all circuits where I ride.


I would like to learn more for improve my technique because I just begun motorcycle competition.


I'm sorry for my english, I promise, I will improve it.





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Hi Jean-Christophe,


Welcome to the forum! You will find a great deal of useful information and a some really friendly people here. We are very fortunate to have CSS coaches who participate here and provide fantastic insight into improving your skills. So tell us what areas of your riding do you want to improve? And what kind of competitions are you doing?


And don't worry about your English. I can promise you it is much better than my French!




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Warregl, The competition is called "Promosport" it's a sort of selection before French SBK. But I do this because I like competition in general and I don't want to go in French SBK :D.



In first time, to improve my ride, I need to understand why I can ride 3s faster in race than qualification <_<, however I have a lot of thing to learn.



Eirik, thanks I will try, for the moment I reading the topics and I find a lot of tips and tricks :rolleyes:

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