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What You Don't K Now Won't Hurt You


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Traction is the same no matter what you know - as long as you act the same. But most of us will tense up if we know traction is reduced. I were reminded of this today when I rode through a patch of sand in the middle of a corner, and the bike didn't even flinch. Not sure that would have been the case had I been told I'd hit sand during my ride.


The tiny incident today also reminded me about two different episodes earlier in my career. The first were on a narrow, winding road leading to Lysebotn. Riding in, the road surface looked fine and I rode as normal, but heading out again it had become dark and we could see lots of sand on the road in our head lights. Two things happened; first, I wondered how on Earth I hadn't had any issues riding in, and despite riding slower and experienced several minor slides riding out.


The other incident took place on a wet road that looked dry. Well, moist is probably a more accurate description. The road had some excellent corners with rights and lefts taking over for each other, barely a straight piece of tarmac to be seen. And I couldn't understand why my mates didn't take advantage of the road to have some fun, because they immediately disappeared from my mirrors. The difference was that I believed the road to be dry, whereas those that followed could see the tracks forming under my wheels. Hence they feared going anything but slow, whereas I in my ignorance simply rode as normal. Without any grip issues whatsoever.


So perhaps sometimes there is such a thing as too much knowledge :lol:

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