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hi m8´s


i´m a 44 year old guy that started with bikes a couple of years ago! despite always riding and loving them on my dreams all my life! (this´s true . and the only dreams i remember ) i´m from Lisbon; Portugal not Spain!!!

i´ve also been reading a lot, master Kieth and others (to get up with lost years) LOL. and i would like to say this:


God gave us a tough world in 7 days!

Keith Code gave us a better motrocyle world on 7 survival reaction!


a lot of guys are old school master Keith is classic school!


I dedicate this one to you Master:



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Welcome to the forum metalizzer. You've taken a good step in reading and educating yourself, I bet you have learnt a lot and noticed improvements in your riding already?


Reading is one thing, but when you're ready to take it to the next level I can definitely recommend seeking out your closest CSS venue to get some 1 on 1 training.


On the subject of motorcycle related music, this one is at the opposite end of the music spectrum - but I think it's fairly hilarious. :D


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