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Hello From Australia


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Hi all,

been rearing TOTW for a while now and the dvd. My bike is 07 R1. im trying to get more flow in my bike and want to get good lean angles on the road. more lean = bike is in more control. but when i go through the twisties fast. seem to tense up,. i dont know why i just get scared asif im going to hit something ! then i tense up on the bike. but when you go through long sweeping bends. its the reverse. calm and collective and good speeds and the bike justn flows. i also sometimes get bad hand cramps (from holding in too tight ??)


anyone have any suggetions that i can try ??

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Hi and welcome,


First I would suggest you give yourself a proper introduction to the community up in the "New to the Forum" section.


Secondly I'm curious about what you said here

im trying to get more flow in my bike and want to get good lean angles on the road. more lean = bike is in more control


could you elaborate on what you mean by "more lean = bike is in more control"


It sounds to me like you problem is you are out riding your vision. You say you're tensing up in the tighter twisty stuff but have no problems relaxing in the long sweeping bends, the long sweeping stuff allows you to see much further up the road, while the twisty stuff limits your vision quite significantly. To counter that problem I would recommend first backing off your pace, slow down and work on the fundamentals, master them and your confidence and speed will increase, also you can try using a more outside line and a later turn point, this will allow you to see more of the turn before committing to it.



and lastly but perhaps most important, get thee to a track, there is nothing like the safe environment of the race track to help sort out your confidence in the twisty stuff, and should that track have top notch professional coaches all the better



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Something you should pay attention to is what KC says about learning something new or becoming better something...."in order to become better you must ride at 75% of your limit".


Certainly lean angle doesn't justify bike control....you can have horrible body position and scrape your footpegs on the pavement. I would have to say sloooooooowwwwwww down dude before you hurt yourself on that bike!

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You can be riding well below the 75% mark and suffer from SR's as a result of a blind corner or something blocking your vision of what lies ahead.


While I agree that more lean angle does not equal more control, more control can definitely equal more lean angle, perhaps that was the gist of his statement

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As others have said, this is most likely your SRs firing.


Since it's the twisty sections that is causing you problems, I have to ask: How good is your vision in these sections?



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