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A Few Questions

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Erm hello I'm new here, i didn't know what board to post on so i chose a racing one as its racing related. Also this isn't a joke topic.


i'm 16 years old and am very interested in a career in superbikes, well bike racing. i was wondering if it was too late to become this, as my friend Chris Walker started riding bikes when he was 4 i recall, and is now very successful in the World championship.


if it's not too late is this the place to come? i've had very minimal experience with bikes, i have been motocrossing a couple of times and got on very well.


i presume i will have to become 18 years old first, (but while im 16 is motocrossing the best way to get used to riding bikes?) and then get a liscence and go to a school of racing.


any information to any of my questions from the instructors or administrators or whatever would be very helpful.



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Shoj, I don't think you are too old at all. I've heard of lots of pro riders that got started when they were older then you.


I don't think your too young to start roadracing either, I don't think you have to be 18. It sounds like you?re in the UK so maybe one of our UK guys can answer this part better but... In the US you can start racing with many clubs as young as 14. Look into your local road racing tracks/clubs and see what sort of age restrictions they have.


If you?re interested in learning how to roadrace then this is definitely the right place.


Where are you from? Maybe I can put you in contact with someone that can answer questions for you.

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is there anybody from UK that you could direct me to to talk to? Would tracks that accept 16 year old let me race the track without a liscence, or will they train me up for that? please any information will be of use to me

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if Cadwell Park is closest to you then that's where you need to go...


They will almost certainly have details on upcoming events like superbike schools, or they may be able to give you some contact details for one elsewhere. Also try your local bike shop...chances are one of them race or used to race and know somebody.


Have you looked if Cadwell have their own website?

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Donnigton park, Mallory park and Cadwell aint far from you. Also Darley More is close.


Have a look on my web site theres quite a bit on starting racing www.bike-racer.co.uk theres also a review of the school.


We are racing at Donnigton on the 14th Aug, let us know if your interested and we could show you round and let you know whats involved.


doog #101

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Sorry mate new to the board and thought your name was Squid :lol: .


The posting above was aimed at you mate.


Where in Nottingham are you ... Donnington Park is quite close and they a race school from there.


However talking to mates that have been there I would recommend that you to the superbike school at Rockingham as you will get more out of it.


Its prob less than 2 hours drive from you.


Any other help you need drop me a email



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Rocket ron haslem run's a race school at donnington he run's father and son day's where you are taught one to one. put ron haslem race school into a search engine it might give you what your looking for,or at least a phone number you can contact somebody.Good Luck

Ps Not knocking the Css i've done 2 myself hoping to get levells 3&4 in this year

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Physical fitness is relative to a lot of things, age, weight, endurance and strength.


If you are fit enough to do an hour of aerobics and are reasonable strong for your weight and age you can race with no problems of any great concern.


We know racers who are old and overwieght but strong and have endurance that do really quite well.

I've known other racers who didn't look as though they could stay on the bike for 20 minutes who also did well. Once you go to school you'll have a better idea of what it takes.



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Re: Fitness.


Squat down with your butt about 14" off the floor. Transfer weight from one leg to both legs to the other leg, and back. Repeat 240 times. You've just completed an average 8 lap race.


Grab a squishy ball or other medium consistency item. Squeeze it 500x left hand and 250x right hand. There, you've completed an 8 lap race.


If you can't make it through either of those, you've got some work to do...


An 8 lap race will take about 15 minutes of SOLID exercise from the upper and lower body. A bit of strength, especially in the hands/arms and upper legs are key, as well as moderate endurance abilities.


I brake so hard that I blister my hands each season until large callouses form (well, now the callouses are thick enough that I don't blister, but I do wear out the palms of my gloves). There is a LOT of force required for racing.

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ooh excellent, the ball thing i havent tried yet but the leg squatting is taxing, ill keep at it and keep goin til i can do it more and more. At the gym, what are the best machines to use? ones with cardio programs built in to them?

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You should be able to transfer weight between your legs without using your hands. If you need them, use them.


In the gym, I'd recommend using:


Recumbent bike - Cardio and leg workout

Front leg curls

Squats/leg press


wrist curls or anything to get your hands/forearms in shape. Seriously, this will make a HUGE difference. I have this hunk of silicone that I got from a local rock climbing place. I've gone through 2 of them in the last 3 years as they break down eventually. It's stiff as hell, and I squeeze it probably 500-1000 times per day per hand (M-F). I do it while at work on conference calls, and in meetings.


I also use 10lb ankle weights where I do leg lifts under the desk all day long...


Upperbody strength... well, I've found that tricep strength is a HUGE benefit, as is shoulder strength.


Really, there's nothing you can really afford to neglect as it all works in a package deal. However, I'd tell you to start with things you can do around the house or all day long at work, such as the hands and legs as mentioned above.


Alternatively, a few hours on a good dirt bike will do the trick 2-4x per week...

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^ You sir, are the man. Everyone's been a great help. Cheers. Just ordered a silicon ball for finger strength. You say Wrist curls strengthen wrists? any other way? Cheers everyone. One more thing, any other way of building on leg strength?

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Wrist curls will strengthen your forearms. You want strength in your hands and forearms.


As for the legs? Well, anything that exercises them! Start taking the stairs to work instead of the elevator. Park in the back lot, not as close as you can find. Just about anything that exercises the legs.


You don't need to get real complicated or have a bunch of machinery to tone up. Simple squats going down & back up with your own weight will work very well, and are probably better for you than weights as it's a lower impact to your knees. People are surprised that when doing simple squats (touch your rear to your heels and then stand back up straight), they can't do as many as they thought. It's a real eye-opener as to how much strength you do/don't have...


Oh, I almost forgot a BIG KEY for you here. Before you get on the bike, STRETCH STRETCH AND STRETCH SOME MORE! Legs, arms, neck, fingers, calves, thighs, groin, all of it... You'll feel so much better during the race/practice.

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