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Hello From Hamburg

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I want to introduce myself: Dali from Hamburg, Germany.


I'm riding since 12 years on racetracks, but more or less, since 4 years "seriously commited"!! ;)



I sure owned and read Keith's books for a decade or more, but funnily, the more I got commited to the sport, the more I understood them!! ;-)



Sadly, there are no CSS-courses here in Germany (or I did not found out where!?!), but finding this great forum was a big gain. I already read a lot in here and finally signed in to contribute.



So....here I'm ready to aks (stupid) questions!! ;-)))







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Greetings and welcome to the forums.


I think your closest option for a CSS school is over in the UK, which my american sense of geography says is a 45 min train ride at most :D


on a more serious note, being from Germany, have you had the opportunity to enjoy a Touristenfahrten at the Nordschleife ??





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Hi Tyler,


yeah, let's say : 45 min trip plus "a little swimming"!!! ;))))


GB is on my "dream-list" regarding a trip over there to ride on tracks like Brands, Donington, Cadwell park.


We'll see...!!



Sure I was at the Nordschleife, but it's a long time ago, when I started with streetbike-riding. Also, you have to have a street-legal bike to ride, as I only do trackriding for the last ~6 years, I'm unable also.


The Nordschleife is sure an adventure and I think people just have to go there if the possibility arises. But I honestly have to say that I didn't liked ist very much, because EVERYBODY is on the track at the same time: cars, bikes, even Tourist-Busses. Also, coming from a mx-backround I'm just used to a closed, not too long circuit, where it's easier to know all corners. The NS you ride about 10 minutes if your fast, so one lap in 10 minutes.....sure it's harder to know all corners!?! ;-)


But it is personal preferrance, my mate loves it, had 3 times a "saison card" and was every weekend there!! So....!!






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Hi Dali,


Welcome to the forum!


Your comment on the Nordschleife about bikes, cars, even busses, being on the track together reminded me of an episode of Top Gear. Sabine Schmitz took a Transit van around the Nurburgring attempting a 10 minutes lap. While she didn't quite get there (missed it by only 8 seconds!), seeing her passing motercycles and Porsches in a diesel van was priceless. Of course I might not think that is I was one of the bikes being passed....


So tell us more about your riding, what do you ride on the track? And what area's of your riding do you want to work on? While I have never attended CSS in the UK (it's an even longer swim from Virginia) we do have some of their coaches active on the forum and they are a right sharp group. I'm sure it would be worth the trip. I didn't start riding the track until after taking CSS (I origiinally just wanted to be a better street rider). Having ridden the track for the last few years it is amazing how many people I see that could benefit from more education on the technology of motorcycle riding. I hope you get a chance to take the school.


Either way we are glad to have you as a forum member!




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Dear Carey,


thanks for the kind welcome.


I do (did?) ride/rode Ducati's for more than a decade now on racetracks. Since about 5-6 years, "racetrack only".

As I'm struggling if my choice of ride is the right, in the newest presence (I already wrote a thread, hopefully it will be released soon!?!), I'm at crossroads regarding my own comitment to this sport: staying at "medium-skilled-amateur-racer" -level and keep on doing 4-5 trackmeetings a year, plus 1-2 club races, or trying to commit some more, to reach new skills, get more "professional" and maybe do a race-series, with certain (realistic) targets!?!


I'm really more focused to the second, as I really love this sport!!


So I already read a lot of the articles in "Keith corner" and enyojed it a lot (especially the "commitment"-article did exactly fit my actual mood!! ;)


I'll keep on reading and am VERY happy to have found this forum. It's amazing!!



Hope to let my dream of that island-trip come true one time, maybe it could be connected with an CSS-training!?!







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Sadly, there are no CSS-courses here in Germany (or I did not found out where!?!), but finding this great forum was a big gain. I already read a lot in here and finally signed in to contribute.


Welcome to the forum, Dali.


I talked to JET (deputy chief riding coach in the UK) last year about schools in Germany, and he said that they had tried a number of years ago, but they were unable get enough students to make it worthwhile.


You need to go to either Denmark, Sweden, or UK. It's all the UK fellas doing the coaching, so it should not make a big difference where you take the classes.


Cheers, Kai

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