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Okay, Tear Me Apart

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C12 et al; Good point guys but the finer points of riding might be best addressed by a fully trained coach, or since its a physical point, might be best addressed at a school. Misti is a fully trained coach but there is a risk of taking some of her perspective out of context here since she is not active in this thread. Rainman


Agreed, What does C12 mean?

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Here is video from today (my 45th birthday!). I don't know if my technique is any better (I am still kinda crossed up in right turns), but I was definitely faster - I dropped about 2.5 s! Most of that came I think from increased corner speed. I was knee down in most corners today, which is a major change for me - in the past I would use my sliders only very occasionally. I also had my first honest-to-goodness front end push. Not scary at all, but the first sign I have had of actually over-riding these Q2s.


Thursday I am going to a track riding school (it's not CSS, but something local that gets pretty good reviews).


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