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Body Positioning- How Far Forward Or Back?

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I'm new to this forum and have a question about body positioning. I'm not sure how forward or back I should be in the seat while cornering. "It depends" seems like a probable answer, but I'm really just guessing. Here are some things I have rationalized: (some fact based advice confirming or denying would be better.)


1. A comfortable position. Depends on your size (I'm 5'8") Depends on your bike (CBR1000RR)

2. If I go to the back of the seat and touch, my body is in a lower position and better streamlined

3. If I'm in center it's easier to shift weight left right

4. Depends on your speed


Any help,directing to resources or rules of thumb would be appreciated. Thanks

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I think the best answer revolves around what's most comfortable and what gives you the best "lock" on the gas tank, I think the rule of thumb would be to position yourself so your inner thigh lines up with and lays even with the angle of your gas tank, which can vary depending on the shape of your tank




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You generally don't want to crowd the tank but also don't want to get so far away you become disconnected. A point to deviate from would be to move back from the tank and leave enough room to place your fist between the tank and your groin. From there you can adjust to your comfort spot. What Tyler described about lining up your thigh with the shape of the tank is a good method.

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Comfort = smoothness = faster and safer riding.


If you have the time before braking hard, moving to the back of the seat will help putting less pressure on the bars and moving the CG aft some, so the rear tire will have some more weight on it. That also reduces the chance of uncomfortable encounters between your groin and tank under the forces of braking because your knees will have better grip on the tank.

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