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Learning A New Track?

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Due to the climate here in Japan, I haven't had any spirited riding, etc. since Ive gotten back from the Las Vegas 2-Day Camp two-months back... Any "practice" are mostly mental (visualization) or those that can be done on the streets (Wide View)...


Well, Im going to be getting my chance to practice what Ive learned this coming Friday - my second (my first track experience was 2-months back with CSS) track experience at the Tsukuba Circuit (Play Station Gran Turismo, X-Box Forza games, etc.).






That brings me to my question -- What is the best/recommended way to learn a NEW track?


Im thinking following the same format as the CSS -


1. Begin with minimal gears, and no brakes.

2. Bring enough as much understanding of the track (Turn Points, Reference Points)

3. Wide View (see the track from the entire width)

4. Slowly bring up speed with light braking

5. Progressing to full gears and brakes


Albeit, Im unsure since:


- I only have 3-heats of 20-mins each / avg record laps for the track is 1' 15"

- I cant trace the course/record line with minimal gears and no brakes (Id be in the way - Im in the "First Timers" class)

- Im not being spoon fed on the Turn Points (though I understand the criteria for good TPs)


Though I could up YouTube videos or ask some friends - I would like to see it from a "rider technology"-perspective rather than from "friendly... destructive advice..."


Much appreciated... Thanks!





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unfortunately, learning something new requires you to sample the track your self on your own bike.


If you are a real techie like me, i'd get a friend along and follow you and video tape you from your back.


else its still youtube videos of slower riders (who have good lines or you can pick out their mistakes to avoid making them yourself)


imho tech now can only make you make smaller mistakes and avoid bigger ones.


Effort and education will lead to perfection (or near) imho

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