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Awesome Experience At 2-Day Css In Vegas On Apr. 13-14, 2013

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I attended the 2-Day CSS in Vegas on Apr. 13-14, 2013, and had an AWESOME time!


It's definitely a humbling experience when you see how you're "not that great" of a rider on the track when you believe you're a "very good rider" on the street. I learned so much in these two days, and I know the education and knowledge gained will help me make the most of riding in general, but even more so for trackdays that I do on my own and/or with my buddies. I also plan to take more CSS courses in the near future. Now that I've graduated from Levels 1 & 2, my goal is to take Levels 3 & 4 as soon as possible. Currently on the Wait List for May 2013 dates at NJMP.


THANK YOU! to all of the CSS coaches, staff, personnel, everybody!!! You guys and gals were friendly, engaging, knowledgeable, honest, helpful, and all-around nice! I'm sure I can come up with more, but you get the picture.


I had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people at CSS Vegas, including but not limited to:


Keith Code (Father of CSS)

Cobie (Forum Administrator and my buddy's awesome coach for Days 1 & 2 / Levels 1 & 2)

Gerry (my awesome coach for Day 1 / Level 1)

Brian (my awesome coach for Day 2 / Level 2)

Dylan (Coach and Son of the Father of CSS)

Trevor (Course Overlord)



Will (Chief Mechanic...keeping bikes ready-to-go)






Jessica (Administrator...thanks for fitting me into the proper gear)

Missy (Administrator...thanks for chasing me back into the classroom or out onto the track)


If I missed anyone, please accept my sincere apologies, as each and every one of you helped educate me on being a better rider.


Thanks and see you at the next CSS!



Edmund H.

White #24



PS: Having problems uploading pics...will keep trying.

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So...did you like it or what? :D


All kidding aside, I'm with you. Its a great program run buy a great group of people. Let us know when you get you next levels scheduled.

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