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I have a '02 954rr that I need to find a stiffer rear spring for. I'm 225 w/o gear and have been dragging the 'hard parts' of my bike in long corners. I have new springs for the front end that i'm putting in but I am running into a problem finding a suitable upgrade spring for the rear shock (that doesn't run $1000+). Any ideas for me?



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Not knowing if you have had any luck with the rear yet I figured I would at least let you know there may be a reasonable solution.

Yesterday I ordered some fork service tools from Traxxion Dynamics and thought "What the heck, lets ask about suspension for my bikes and also if they may be able to help you with your spring/shock issue."


They say that they could help. From spring ( which according to them the stock is already close for you weight) to shock rebuild/revalve. The gentleman I was talking to is named Dan.




Disclaimer: I am not affiiated with Traxxion Dynamics in any manner whatsoever. I have not used any of their products and to the best of my knowledge I do not know anyone who has.

I am considering giving them a try.



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The Penske 8983 is an excellent shock. I think @ $850 set up for you is a great deal


stock shocks are typically emulsion shocks (fluid and air/nitrogen can mix)

aftermarket shocks are typically not....rubber bladder seperates the fluid from the air/nitrogen which keeps them more consitant. If it has a remote resevoir it typically is not an emulsion shock

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Bit late I know but I just returned to the forum! I've been talking a friend of mine through sorting his 954 suspension, he's a similar weight to you. As you say the fork springs are stupidly soft. Once these were replaced and a new back shock in (Nitron from the UK), and sag set again, it was a lot better. He still had some trouble with running wide, but dropping the yokes down the forks fixed it. He did this about 18mm, I haven't seen it yet but I think it's about as far as he could go. This made the steering a lot more neutral, thought you may be interested.

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