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Pivot Point Steering & Hang Off


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Can anyone help me straightening this out in my mind? If I'm in the correct hang off position, when am I expected to be able to load the outside peg?


I understand the need to set the center of gravity as low as possible but can't get how it is physically possible to place weight on the outside peg if my inside knee is dragging.




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I can see how it would seem confusing to suggest you are putting your weight on the outside peg when most of your body is hanging low and inside. I've listened to Keith and Dylan explain this a number of times and I cannot do their explanation justice in trying to recall and repeat it here. However, I think it was simpler for me to think of pivot steering as less about weighting the peg and more about using a gentle to moderate force to push on the outside peg with the ball of your foot. Thinking of it in this way I don't worry about "weighting" the peg but instead only think to push off the peg when I need some extra muscle on the bars. Not sure if that answer is useful... maybe a coach will bail me out :)

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The primary pivot point is your outside knee, that is what needs to be secure to anchor your body (some use their upper thigh, depending on what bike they have and the tank shape). The outside peg is used mainly just as a push point to do a calf raise to press your knee into the tank.


The purpose of pivot steering is to securely anchor your lower body to give you a solid base so your steering action can be stronger and more precise. You can make the strongest steering input if you lock your OUTSIDE knee / leg so you can push effectively with your opposite arm.


In high speed turns it takes more steering effort to turn the bike, pivot steering can help a lot in that situation, or can be used to maintain a secure base in a bumpy turn, etc.

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