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Thermometer @ Streets Of Willow Springs

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Thanks for the help with my suspension and chain on my Black/Red/Green/Yellow Repsol Honda CBR 954rr this past weekend at the school. My bike has never felt so securely 'stuck' to the track as it did this weekend and I suspect you had a lot to do with that, so thanks agian.


On a different note my dad (man with the concussion), brother and I have left a unintended 'gift' for you on the cyclone fence east of the Streets building at Willow springs. If you go to the southwest corner of the building and walk to the 4' cyclone fence adjacent to it you'll be able to find a Thermometer that is slipped through one of the loops at the top of the fence. You may not want to know what it's telling you but hey, who doesn't need a thermometer for random readings.


Thanks again for the help with my bike and I'll make sure to swing out to Miller when you all come through town and say hello.

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Anyone on the staff is welcome to it. I just couldn't find a forum category that I thought it would fit under.


Thanks again for your help last weekend Cobie. Level 4 was AWESOME! Brian is a great coach and I had a great time with him.

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Great to hear about Level 4! Let us know when you might come by at Miller, I'm there but also have family so typically cut out at night.

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