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What Model/make Of Lap Timers Do You Use?

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Would like to know what equipment do you use for lap timers...?

Which one do you suggest?

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Thanks Gregory. The website doesn't show price for me.

Also using infrared beacon might not work for my use-cases too...


Anyone here used GET Athena MD60 GPS Lap Timer? Any feedback?


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I use a Starlane. I like it, but I think the newer ones are even better. GPS is way better than messing with a beacon.


The Starlane I have now has membrane-type buttons, I find them hard to use when wearing riding gloves, which is mainly an issue when you set it up on a track for the first time - you have to press buttons to set the start, finish and mid-points. It is tough with mine and definitely not something easily done in race practice! I think the new models have real buttons that stick up and are easier to push.


Also the one I have eats batteries rather quickly, I am much happier since I connected it to the bike battery.

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I use a qstarz GPS receiver with an Android phone running RaceChrono. Works perfectly. 10Hz GPS and you can analyse your lap data on the phone as soon as you stop the session. Quite a few people at the track do this, but it's a poor mans solution compared to a Starlane or some other full dashboard product. RaceChrono is free and works on Android and Nokia.

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I have a Starlane too (Stealth-2 GPS), with a 5Hz GPS. If you want to play with more than just laptiming (i.e. doing a bit of data acquisition) then XTRacing's GPXpro is worth looking into.


As for the GPS'es in a cellphone, the one's I've used were not very accurate (10-30m accuracy, 1-2Hz updates) - definitely not accurate for racing around on a track.

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