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Exhaust Spitting Flame..?

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Is an exhaust spitting flame a good or bad sign? I have observed this in highly tuned vehicles, especially race cars.


I understand this is unburnt fuel being dumped into the exhaust when changing gear or after you chop the throttle.


Is there any way this can intentionally be done? I think this is cool.

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My R6 track bike is named "spitfire" because of this. I have a TI exhaust including the header and it's tuned for 110 octane fuel. My guess on this would be the pipe and the tuning as well as well as the fuel.


Here's spitfire doing it's thing. Sorry for the poor video quality. The flames actually are a lot larger and brighter in person.



My guess on the fuel is based on the fact that I recently drained out some really rancid 110 out of spitfire and replaced it with pump premium with an octane boost so it would run. It still shoots fire but just not as much. My bike sat for a few years when the racer that owned it retired from the sport.


Some TI porn.



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One other thing that may effect or cause exhaust flames is the particular engine management system or other electronics. Either the ECU and/or traction/wheelie control etc., I believe that some systems stop fuel at the injectors, while others let the fuel keep running and just cut the spark.

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