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Rossi At Sepang - Extreme Short Shifting

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The strangest thing I've seen Rossi do, was to double upshift (from 2nd to 4th) on the change of direction from turn 2 to the entry of turn 3 (right hand looong down-hill sweeper) at Sepang this year (they had a camera pointing at his gear shifter). The rewind button on the VCR coped a beating on this one. :o


I could only surmise that the gearing ratio between 3rd and 4th is being so close together that he didn't want to upshift mid-point in the corner, and keep the bike stable?


Has anyone else done, or seen other riders double upshifting (extreme short shifting)?



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Hi Bones,


With that amount of horsepower and that little weight I think I would do it ALL the time LOL :D


Interesting point though. Also he has moved to four finger braking now he is used to the slipper clutch on the Honda. Look back at the 500 and it was 2 fingers...

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Ok this is going to sound pretty lame but I'll say it anyway. :D


I only know Sepang from playing MotoGP III on playstation2 but... I do the same thing when playing the game :) Because you come out of a really slow turn 2 and have a really long sweeping right hander that follows you don't want to shift in the middle of the corner while really leaned over and hard on the gas. The double upshift works great there, on platstation anyway :) Your trieing to just get the tire churning through that whole corner.


I short shift my bike is going up the hill into turn 6 on the big track at Willow Springs. Turn 6 kind of crests a hill and if I don't short shift I would have to shift while I'm way leaned over cresting a hill hard on the gas. It seems better to grab a extra gear going into that turn while I'm still pretty much strait up and down.


I think a double upshift might work comming out of turn 4 on the streets of Willow? Now I have to shift once when I come out of turn four and then again comming out of turn 5. Maybe I could do them both comming out of four? I'll have to try it next time I'm there.

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I only know Sepang from playing MotoGP III on playstation2 but...

The MotoGP III is accurate for Sepang and Phillip Island. If I was to use it as a guage, I'd be able to do Phillip Island at 1:29.892 B)


I doubt we have bikes with enough power to weight ratio, to perform a double short shift at the existing gear ratios.


But, I'm still keen to hear how you go with it at Streets, Stuman. I'm sure you'll keep us up-to-date.



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