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Currently, Lorenzo seems to do a stormer for the first couple of laps, then tries to manage the gap until the end. Sometimes it works, other times he runs out of tyres just before the win can be secured.


Do you rememeber another Yamaha rider who used the same tactics with quite similar results?

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I heard somewhere that this is a result of the difference between the Yamaha and the Honda, It might have been Ben Spies doing commentary at Indy but I'm not sure. Basically Lorenzo needs to get that early gap to be able to run the flowing lines and utilize his superior corner speed, due to the Honda's superior power its very difficult for him to pass and it's easy for the Honda riders to hold back the Yamaha's mid corner speed and gap them on exit with their superior drive. Kinda like riding a 250 against a 1000, get out front pull a gap and use your superior lap times to pull away you can win, but get stuck behind and your held up mid corner and left in the dust on the straights



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It is also the way Jorge rides, using high cornering speeds. Rossi has the steering head much further back on his Yamaha because he likes to brake harder compared to Jorge. Their styles are completely different.


As to the rider I questioned about, it was Wayne Rainey.

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