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Long Oval Helmet

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Hey ktk_ace. Thanks for the advice. I would be cautious recommending Web Bike World. Their Helmet reviews are pretty good but the fitment advice is all over the page. If you look hard enough you will find different shapes listed for the same hat in different places.




BTW I am the guy SD was asking for. I ended up with an Aria Signet Q in small. My RF 1000 in an XLarge.

I have a longer skinnier head than I thought.

I can Highly recommend letting Robert at The Service Pavilion custom fit you.



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I know this thread is a bit old, but I also need a long oval helmet and even the RF1100 and 1200 did not feel quite right and put pressure on my forehead. Likewise, I think Web Bike World's fitting guidelines are too inconsistent. I bought a Bell RS-1 sight unseen off Revzilla based on customer comments re sizing and got it right on the first shipment. I went with a medium instead of large or XL for a very snug fit (fit the the crown, not the face) and love it. Tossed my old EXO-700 and see no reason to look back.

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