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Interesting Article And Data On Trail Braking


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Looking at the G force data ,


seems that my hypothesis on braking hard on straights to 15 degree lean angle + a quick flip into the corner has G force data logging graphs to back it up!


meaning if the maximum total G force the bike can handle in a turn isnt scrubbed off on the straights , the far-too-hi-speed cornering speed will come back negatively as an unwanted cornering G-force ; physics will take over for better or worse and you lose the freedom of near total control of the bike


also sub second flips on road bikes with smaller lean angles means cutting the "empty/sub optimal" total g-force timing to a minimum, making the bike bike compliant thru the whole process of the turn (from finding a turn point straight up all the way to exiting the turn straight up) as it is properly loaded up with the optimal g-forces at the optimal times with minimal "pogo-ing" so to speak .


Another hypothesis that Im willing to make is that track conditions only have to deal with much less factors which affect total G Force Potential ( GFP ) ,

meaning if a stock bike can handle 1G acceleration/deceleration on straights and corners :


external factors that might affect the total GFP will include




-banking angle


-humidity/water depth


-sudden unideal road conditons (sand/debris , etc)






hardware factors that might affect the total GFP will include:




-sticker tires


-tuned suspension


-personalized tuned power output

- personalized tuned braking linearity







rider factors that might affect the total GFP will include:




-rider weight (F=MA , bigger mass = less acceleration can be used for same given force (total GFP))


-rider "experience" on speed/precision of reading and guessitmating/sampling future road condition GFP's for optimal speed and safety

-rider effective input to pre-optimize total GFP before, during(throttle control) and after(pick up) a turn




I might be wrong or need correction so feel free to chime in and discuss/ throw in corrections :)


ps. both bikes are bone stock (including tires) so this works for stock bikes.

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Where did the article speak of 15 degrees and quick flick? I must have missed that. IIRC, you still have around 80% braking traction available when leaned over about 35 degrees, which is why you can trail brake very hard and deep. But you cannot quick-flick when braking hard while being leaned over quite a bit.

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