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What Spares Do You Carry?

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OK, I'm getting ready for the 2014 race season. I've never really done a good job of carrying spare parts (which hasn't been a problem so far, except when I had a fuel line split and didn't have any tubing to replace it with) but I need to get better at it.


So, here's a question for the group:

What sort of spare parts do you carry for your bike when riding races or trackdays? We've always got a wide range of tools and we carry transmission and engine oil, and I have spares rearsets and sliders... what else should I have on board for a basic spares kit?

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Levers, handlebars, throttle tube, grips, zipties, duct tape, safety wire are always staples


But I have taken; oil/filter, distilled water, brake fluid, crush washers, chain/sprockets, rearsets or stock footpeg assemblies at the least, windshield, clutch frictions and a new gasket, second helmet and leathers, gloves, tires, a metric assortment of orings, fule line and vaccuumn line, I have even so far to bring a second bike.

Besides tools and compressed air and tire change stuff


But I try to go with knowing the bike is in tip top shape and short crashing it will need nothing but fuel to last the day or two days at the track.

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Have a good list going here already. Here are a couple of additions.


-Aircraft Style Hose Clamps of assorted sizes

-Spare Master Link for chain

-Brake Pads

-Voltage Regulator


-Jumper Cables (for when a Battery or Regulator does fail)

-Assortment of Fuses and Relays that fit your bike.

-Multi Meter (diagnostics)

-Butt Splices and extra wire (for those last resort repairs)


And of course if you ride Italian like I occasionally do fuel fittings and extra fire extinguishers everywhere you can. They come in handy as I had to put out my Range Rover once. :/

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J-B Weld...quick drying and regular

Helicoils kits for 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Taps for 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Portable drill and bit set

Spare shift linkage

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To add to the list.....


Crush Washers for brakes.

Extra bleed nipples (speed bleeder makes a great aftermarket one with a ball bearing for one person bleeding)


I had a few issues getting the brakes to bleed on my R6. For the life of me I could not get good pressure. I had leaking crush washers that just barely seeped but not enough so you noticed. I could see this potentially being a track side issue if you suddenly had a very subtle leak in one of the banjo fittings.

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