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Video Of Eyes Moving While Riding

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This rider does not appear to blink very often, I wonder if the rate of blinking changes when riding compared to just sitting around? I have wondered that before, since I notice that when I am trying to ride fast I don't blink as much as normal and my eyes tend to feel dry afterwards - but I don't have that issue when riding at a more relaxed pace. Not sure if that is a just a concentration thing or if it is a negative thing, and indication that I am "trying too hard"; it seems like it happens more when I am "trying to go fast" and working on something, instead of when I am ACTUALLY going fast for fun or while racing.

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I've read that riders under intense situations (racing) can go an entire lap without blinking. This one blinks 3 times. I haven't paid attention during the trackday, but do know that after a trackday I do have a little irritation going on. I've experienced severely dry eyes just playing the Moto GP '13 videogame. Winning a season on a CRT with tire wear is insanely difficult, and even on the game I'm a point to point rider. I have to turn off the ceiling fan when I'm playing. I wouldn't say it's a negative in any way, just extremely focused. Something worth paying a bit more attention to one trackday.

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