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Picking Up Style Vs Smooth Arcs.

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So Lorenzo and other Yamaha riders in MotoGP tend to use wide swooping arcs to maximize the corner speed which is a Yamaha strength.


Marquez and other Honda riders will pick the bike up onto the meat of the tire for better drive which is a Honda strength.


My question is - In a scenario like a one make race where everyone has the same machinery [ CBR 250 ] is it better to utilize the picking up style for more drive than the others? Or should you find more corner speed by leaning and hanging off more and utilizing wide lines for more radius?


Further, can the picking up style be used to conserve edge grip?


This question is more pertinent to small, agile bikes making upto 50 HP....essentially MOTO3 kinda bikes.

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To me on the ninja 250, they are not mutually exclusive, unless I am trying to square off a corner. Normally, the pickup has nothing to do with my line, but instead to get back to pinned ASAP on exit. Can it be used to conserve edge grip? I think so yes, considering the rider spends less time on the edge. I normally don't pick up on the long sweepers (already pinned), unless the front starts to slip.

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Depends on how much I am on "auto pilot".


The pickup on a slow(ish) corner gives me something to do instead of being a lazy rider. So yea, depending on the rider... if one is lazy on a slow corner, the rider behind can utilize the pickup to get on the gas sooner & harder, well then.... you know.


And... you know the bike doesn't come up "on it's own". How does it come up again?

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What i meant was " Comes up solely as a result of throttle application ".


I believe Keith has proven that to be a myth, the act of applying throttle alone does not cause the bike to "Stand Up"



Remember that the lower the power of the bike, the more important carrying speed into and through the corner becomes, The difference between the Yamaha and the Honda is not at the exit of the corner which is where this technique is applied, its at the apex of the corner, The yamaha carries more corner speed through the apex, like a 250GP bike, The honda is better suited to carry less corner speed at the apex, turn the bike and power out, like a Superbike, Its a matter of the "U" vs "V" corner style.


the point of the "Pick Up" is to get the bike back onto the "Fat Part" of the tire for better grip so you can drive out of the corner sooner, clearly less time spent on the edges of the tire will result in a reduction in the wear of the tire. so given 2 riders on identical machines at identical paces, one standing the bike up first and then shifting his body weight back onto and one bringing his body weight up with the bike, the former will to some extent conserve his tires better that the latter.


As to somehow being able to carry more speed through the corner by not using the pickup drill, I don't think that really makes any sense and cant quite visualize a scenario where it would actually work, if you use the entire width of the track and stand the bike up without the "pick up" technique , then you should be able to use slightly less track at the same speed with it

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