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I'd like to get some reference data up here on care.


Not sure where I read/saw/was told this, but it was recommended NOT hanging one's helmet on the mirror, with the pointy edge digging into the padding/cushioning material.

Can you (Phil/Sarah) elaborate a little on this?

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Oh yes, I brought this up before. This is very important because every time you hang your helmet on the mirror, the mirror compresses the EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene) and it doesn't bounce back (just like teeth marks in a Styrofoam cup). This means that with every hang, the helmet's ability to absorb energy and protect your brain is compromised a little, over time this will add up to critically altering the helmet's shock absorbing capability.


You CAN hang your helmet on the mirror without bashing in the EPS lining by either securing the strap around the mirror post and letting it dangle that way, or by putting the mirror through the view port - in both cases nothing is pressing on the EPS.


Bad helmet mirror hang:



Good helmet mirror hang:



Hope that helps!

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I prefer not to leave my helmet in the sun at all if I can help it.


That photo was taken at Barber. The best place to put your helmet at Barber is in one of the gear lockers in the air conditioning. :)


Some other things that I have "heard" that's bad perhaps someone can confirm or indicate it's ok.


1. Putting your helmet on top of the gas tank. (gas fumes rise up and deteriorate the foam)

2. Attaching the helmet to the side of the bike and riding (it bounces around and is subjected to repeated shocks)

3. Hanging your helmet on a passengers foot peg close to a hot exhaust (heat)

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