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Front Tyre Vs Rear Tire Under Braking.

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Here are a few pics of a mortal trying to get pic of how the bike reacts to being hard on the brakes. What is interesting are the seating positions (front, middle, back) difference in the 3 pics and how the bike reacts. Oh! I worked out these pics with the track photographer ahead of time and still only got 3 usable pics. I guess they are used to taking corner shots and this is a new type of photo for him to capture.











Next time I am at this track on my r6, I will get photos of the r6 under braking.

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Rossi interview this June:




As well as front end troubles, Rossi also said that he was having braking problems. Marc Marquez on his Honda RC213V have really set the standard now on braking, and it’s something Rossi will have to adjust.

“The braking has changed a lot in the last years; in the past the biggest problem was lifting the rear, now with more changes to weight distribution and setting, the rear tyre is more on the ground.

“The engine brake also helps a lot and is a lot better than five years ago. Every rider has a different technique, for example between me and Jorge I am more aggressive at the beginning, while he is more smooth. But we have to try to brake at the maximum and it’s very important to use the power of the brake,” explained the GOAT.

“I don’t use the rear [brake] a lot, just in the corner. One of his [Marquez] strongest points is the braking and entry in the corner because he has very good control of the bike and a lot of skills to control the bike, so he can continue to brake on the edge of the corner when entering the corner.

“It’s a thing for Marquez that is very good to do and I’m very happy for that because he is a good guy and I like him a lot; I like his style and I hope that we will fight for the championship in the last race!”


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