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Currently reading James Toseland's book, written in 2005. And he wrote some stuff about staying fit, how he would ride the stationary bike until he puked, how Doohan was tested to be one of the fittest humans regardless of sport, that his uncle had been a national body-building champ and that he(James) could bench press his own bodyweight (75 kg) 18 times despite not doing any weight training.


From his book:


I needed to be like F1's Schumacher, absolutely super-fit. Even at 35, Schumi can finish the toughest race in boiling conditions and airless humidity with hardly bead of perspiration on him. I look the same when I climb off the bike after two stamina-testing races in one day. In the fire and fury of a race, particularly at somewhere like Assen, the stress on your forearms and upper body from handling the bike, and on the inside of the thighs because your are pulling your leg onto the tank and gripping like a limpet, is really gruelling. Imagine squeezing a rubber stress ball virtually continuously for forty minutes...



About Doohan:


He was like Superman. He was fitter, with more strength and stamina and a lower heart rate, under any conditions, stressed or otherwise, than any of them (Olympic athletes, footballers, simmers, cyclists etc.) and was declared on of the most supremely fit men on the planet.


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I still get a kick out of the people who think that driving a car or riding a bike is "easy" because you are seated most of the time. It's a quite physical affair regardless of the location of your posterior.


One lap of the average track is like doing 10+ squats (depending on the turn number and arrangement) getting your body into position on the bike for turns.

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