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Getting To Full Steering Lock?


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Hey guys,


I have been doing some experiments with steering at full lock - U turns and figure 8's.I find i am more comfortable taking left turns, and going to full lock sooner on the left side.I run wider on the right turns, and can't bring myself to go to full lock on the right side.


How do i overcome this?

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Are you saying it is because my throttle hand is close to the tank, i subconciously don't want it to hit the tank and therefore cant get myself to full lock on the right side?


I am not saying so. :)

The reason of those steering/frame's limits is to prevent the handlebar from hitting the tank.


Again, the problem may be the awkward position that your right wrist adopts at full right lock, while trying to keep fine control over the throttle.

Before turning the steering all the way to the right, try grabbing your throttle like you grab a screwdriver, even if you keep one or two fingers on the front brake's lever.


Remember to keep a steady throttle while your rear brake controls the lean angle.

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I had the bike serviced, and got the handlebars adjusted after much haggling.The results are i can get to full lock on either side fairly easily even when negotiating traffic.


I do use the screwdriver grip, and cover the front brake with two fingers while riding on the street and none while practicing.


I also practice getting to the far right of a deserted private road, getting upto say 25 mph and turning as quickly as i can and keeping the turn till i reach the far left side of the road, then turn right and then again left and so on.You could say i am doing a slalom.The bike turns more easily now, but i want to be able to go hard left right left right like they do in chicanes.I will work on steering for now and then add body position etc.


Thanks guys

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